Services for Commercial Occupiers

LDG is a creative commercial estate and lettings agency based in the heart of the West End. We have a wealth of experience helping business owners buy and rent a wide variety of commercial space in London.

Commercial property for sale and rent in London can be broken down into 19 classes. These include:

  • Class A1 – Shops
  • Class A2 – Financial and professional services
  • Class A3 – Restaurants and cafés
  • Class A4 – Drinking establishments
  • Class A5 – Hot food takeaways
  • Class B1 – Business
  • Class B2 – General industrial
  • Class B8 – Storage or distribution
  • Class C1 – Hotels and hostels
  • Class C2 – Residential institutions
  • Class D1 – Non-residential institutions
  • Class D2 – Assembly and leisure

Whether you’re thinking about buying or renting commercial property in London or are already in the middle of a hunt for commercial space, register with LDG today either by giving us a call or dropping into our office in the heart of Fitzrovia.

As a proudly independent agency, we also take pride in going the extra mile for our business clients. It’s our job to listen to your business needs so that we only recommend properties that truly match your business criteria.

Learning what type of property will increase your business’ profit helps us to determine which areas of London and property types are right for you.

When looking for London commercial property for sale or rent, you may wish to consider:

  • Space – how much you need for your business activities.
  • Facilities – which ones you will require (such as electrics, parking).
  • Impressions – what impression the building will give customers and clients.
  • Budget – whether the property is in your price range.
  • Productivity – whether the building will be comfortable and productive for your staff to work in.
  • Legal requirements – whether the property meets health and safety and fire requirements.

If buying a commercial property, it will be either:

  • Freehold – An interest in land that is not limited by time. The owner of a freehold generally owns the land itself and any buildings/structures on it.
  • Leasehold – A time-limited interest in land, although leasehold interests can be virtually perpetual (long leases can be granted for 999 years). Generally, commercial property in central London is held on a leasehold basis.

LDG is a forward-focused commercial estate agent that achieves the right results for our business clients by getting to know their operating needs. We also have experience of extending leases on commercial property and arranging rent reviews, and can advise you about any aspect of your building.

Contact LDG today if you are looking to buy or rent commercial property in London.