3 July 2018

LDG Go Plastic Free For July

LDG are going plastic free for July. We’re following the Plastic Free July movement which started in 2011 in Western Australia. As we have previously written […]
5 June 2018

Summer might be coming but LDG has been bronzing all 2018!

As many of our neighbours, applicants, clients and friends have seen, there has been a few changes on Foley Street in 2018, with LDG’s offices being […]
30 April 2018

The Death Of The Living Room

Patrik Schumacher, Head of Zaha Hadid Architects has recently argued that the millennial generation do not require living space and their housing prospects would be greatly […]
20 April 2018

Record Numbers Of Over 60s Are Becoming Entrepreneurs

A record number of people over 60 are becoming entrepreneurs, bringing decades of experience to the formidable challenge of founding a new business. Older entrepreneurs are […]
19 April 2018

LDG Offices Showcasing Rose Blake’s Illustrations

An artist and an illustrator, Rose Blake is a much-loved staple of London’s art community,  her work is friendly, accessible and emotive. Although her editorial illustrations […]
6 April 2018

Turn It Up Or Turn It Off – Do Playlists Have A Place In The Workplace.

When it comes to music in the office, there seems to be two sides. Turn it up or turn it off, but can music be good […]
4 April 2018

Planting Productivity In The Workplace.

If you’re an avid follower of our Instagram page (@ldglondon) you’ll be aware that our commercial team have recently acquired Monstera Deliciosa to provide a splash […]
14 March 2018

Should Social Eating At Work Be Encouraged?

As a self-confessed social eater, I have always found food best enjoyed breaking bread with company. Whether it’s with family, friends, a colleague, client or industry […]
21 February 2018

The Most Colourful Streets in London Town.

Although London is frequently referred to as the ‘big smoke’, there is no denying the bright homes and avenues sprinkled throughout London. Whether you’re a Londoner […]
5 February 2018

Valentines Inspired Homes…

Valentine’s day is a celebration of love and relationships. Originating from Catholic and Roman traditions, to commemorate the death of St. Valentine. Valentine has since become […]
2 February 2018

LDG’S 2018 Interior Predictions

Pinks & gold pineapples are being left behind. It’s all about modest tones with splashes of bright, luxurious textures and alfresco decorations. Here are a few that […]
30 January 2018

The Most Beautiful London Mews

Mews communities were constructed in the 18th and 19th century, initially envisioned to stable horses, with lodging above for servants. Today, mews houses have now been […]