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Dover Street Arts Club To Open Lanserhof Spa

The club’s A-list members will be able to detox and double down on wellness at the new cutting-edge Lanserhof medical gym.

Since its inception in 1863, the Arts Club has been the plush headquarters of London’s VIP’s, such as Simon Cowell, Prince Harry and Beyonce to name a few.

Over the past few years, the famed members-only club has been expanding into new territories, and into the world of wellness.

The Club has tapped Lanserhof, the famed Austrian medical spa beloved by both tour-worn rock stars and over-stressed CEOs for its trans-formative detox programs, who will oversee the property’s new medical gym and treatment centre.

Lanserhof has been setting standards in modern medicine, paving the way to healthier life’s for more than 30 years, their concept combines holistic medicine with regeneration and prevention.

As well as consulting and treatment rooms, Lanserhof at The Arts Club will have cryotherapy chambers (where users are briefly exposed to temperatures as low as minus 90C). The world-class gym alongside the medical spa’s signature diagnostics program and facilities are designed to ease over-stressed, burnt-out bodies and minds.

Located just across the street from the Arts Club 155 year old club in the former Dover Street Market building, the facility will give both club members and Lanserhof clients access to some of the world’s top medical experts and cutting-edge treatments. The facility is expected to be open towards the end of this year.

Existing members of The Arts Club can pay an extra fee to join Lanserhof at The Arts Club or a separate membership is an option. Prices are yet to be set but we have no doubt they will not be on the cheap side let’s face it these establishments are for London’s finest.