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‘Great returns’ still expected from buy-to-let

The buy-to-let market continues to provide better returns than other investments, new research from Sequre Property Investment reveals.

Pensions, bonds and the stock market are still regarded as being more risky forms of investment than buy-to-let, despite a wave of new measures affecting the buy-to-let sector.  

The government has introduced a series of changes to buy-to-let tax and regulation in recent years in an attempt to slow investor activity.  

Changes include an additional 3% stamp duty surcharge when buying second homes, the scrapping of the wear and tear allowance, and restrictions to mortgage interest tax relief, the latter of which is being phased in.   

Despite the changes, many investors are still flocking to buy-to-let, attracted by the potential for strong returns and the option to sell should they need to.  

Managing Director of Sequre Property Investment, Graham Davidson, said: “Investing in property not only provides great returns when the deal is right, but it’s also a tangible asset that can be held for capital growth or sold for the profit. 

“Buy-to-let is still providing the best returns over annuities and many other investment types”.

There are different reasons as to why people choose to invest in property, but it remains a safe bet for those who want the best returns.

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