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What do international students expect when they move to London?

Some landlords don’t choose to take on students as tenants. Students seem to have been saddled with a reputation for being incapable of managing their finances and for holding parties and other gatherings which leave the property in a bit of a state. This is a stereotype and, to be fair to students, an unfair stereotype.  

But this reputation, fair or unfair, has led some landlords to turn their back on students as a means of revenue. This is unfortunate, as some students are willing and able to pay high rents and they will be reliable and respectful of the property. These students have helped to revitalise the property market in central London after it suffered a setback following the financial crash of 2008. 

Who are they?

The students we are referring to are wealthier international students who have money to spend on quality rental accommodation. These students might travel from such countries as the USA, India, Russia, and the Middle East to study in London and elsewhere in the UK.  

When they leave home to come and study here, their parents want to make sure they live in a place which offers similar comforts to those they enjoy at home, and they are willing to pay for this. For this reason, the majority of the international students who arrive in London to study will tend to pick the West End as a place to live. But what do the students expect from their student accommodation?

What are they looking for?

It would be fair to say that the expectations of international students with money to spend on rent will differ from what most students can afford to pay. 

Students from more modest backgrounds will expect more basic amenities. They will be happy to live in HMOs (Houses of Multiple Occupation) which usually are older properties with multiple rooms and a shared area for recreation. 

The international students we are talking about will expect more from their accommodation. They will take it for granted that their temporary homes will have state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms.  

Their expectations will extend beyond the confines of their accommodation. They will have selected London’s West End as their base for several reasons in addition to top quality living accommodation. They choose it because it offers close proximity to the many amenities London has to offer, both in education and entertainment. 

In education, they are close to colleges of art and fashion. Great Chapel Street in Soho is home to the London College of Contemporary Arts, while the London College of Fashion is based on John Prince’s Street.  

As far as entertainment goes, the West End has everything international students could want. There are numerous clubs, bars, restaurants and theatres where they can eat, drink and dance the night away right on their doorstep.

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Of course, these are just some of the thing which attract international students to London’s West End, and makes them very profitable tenants to have. 

If you are a landlord with property in Central London and would like more information about renting to international students, call us now.