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6 storage solutions for small apartments

Small apartments demand a little more creativity when it comes to storage. It’s easy for clutter to thrive if there are not many storage solutions. The more places for storage, the calmer and clearer each room will be.

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For a landlord, incorporating as many clever, space-saving storage solutions into a property as possible will help to attract tenants and keep them happy in the longer-term. So, it’s in a landlord’s best interests to make sure each buy-to-let has ample storage space, even in a small apartment.  

To give you food for thought, here are some storage ideas for small apartments:

1) Open up storage

When we think of storage space, we think of enclosed cupboards or draws, but chests and cabinets can take up a lot of square footage which you might not be able to accommodate in a small apartment. You can install narrow shelving on walls so that appliances, books, tableware, and other items can be stored in full view.

2) Make the entranceway storage-friendly

Even the narrowest, smallest entranceway can be useful in holding storage. Think about placing a slender umbrella stand in the corner behind the door, and fit hooks on the wall on which to hang outdoor clothing, including coats, jackets, scarfs and hats.

3) Hang more on the walls

The aim will always be to keep as much off the floor as possible. This means you should install hanging racks, short and narrow shelving, pegs and hooks. Likewise, attachable baskets on the walls will allow you to store items which are accessible yet neatly stored away.

4) Look under the bed

Install draws under the beds to allow for closed storage. This will give the tenant storage space, yet it will be closed off, so the room won’t look untidy or cluttered. Alternatively, if fitting out a new property, you can install a bed with drawers in the headboard.

5) Don’t forget the corners

Corner shelving can be used in the corners of a room. Usually the corners of a room are neglected and unused. But if you want to make use of all the space available, installing corner shelving unit can be both a practical and visually interesting solution.

6) Push storage in kitchen and bathrooms

In the kitchen, think about installing pull-out cupboards and open shelving on the walls as well as hooks on the walls to hang utensils. With the bathroom, always use the space above a sink, perhaps by fitting a mirrored vanity unit with space for storage. Fit baskets or shelving in the space above the toilet, while towels rails can be a wall feature, as can hooks on the back of the door.  

In small apartments it will generally be necessary to scale down furniture and other features accordingly, as this will free up space which can be used for storage. You, or your tenants, don’t have to make do with less if living in a smaller space, you simply need to be more inventive about how you organise the space you do have.  

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