Properties for sale in Covent Garden

Properties for Sale in Covent Garden

Below is a list of properties for sale in Covent Garden. You can refine your search for properties for sale in Covent Garden by going to our Refine Results panel which allows you to enter the type, location and price range. Alternatively, you can simply use the residential search button at the top of this page to run a new search.

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Property, Flats & Apartments for Sale in Covent Garden

West End property specialist LDG offers a vast range of flats and apartments for sale in Covent Garden. If you are looking to buy property in Covent Garden, West End property expert LDG can make your search simple, quick and convenient from start to finish.

Although freehold properties for sale in Covent Garden are scarce, there is a wealth of converted warehouses and fabulous innovative penthouses. New developments for sale in Covent Garden are also plentiful and red brick mansion blocks can be found in pedestrianised streets. Flats in ex-local authority courtyards also provide value-for-money options in Covent Garden.

Living in Covent Garden

Bursting with energy and pedestrian friendly, Covent Garden is one of London’s major entertainment districts. Packed with art galleries, independent restaurants, bars and shops, Covent Garden is full of personality and charm.

Originally 19th century storehouses, Covent Garden today has everything from big-name retailers to one-of-a-kind boutiques, gourmet cheese shops, heath food eateries, oriental goods and musical instrument stores.

The theatre is another one of Covent Garden’s big draws, with everything from West End shows to street theatre. Covent Garden also has a number of London landmarks, including the London Transport Museum and the famous Savoy Hotel.

Covent Garden is in the borough of Westminster and is loosely bordered by Charing Cross Road to the west, New Oxford Street to the north, Kingsway to the east and The Strand to the south.