1 bedroom flats for sale in Fitzrovia

1 bedroom flats for sale in Fitzrovia

Below is a list of 1 bedroom flats for sale in Fitzrovia. You can refine your search for 1 bedroom flats for sale in Fitzrovia by going to our Refine Results panel which allows you to enter the type of property, location and price range. Alternatively, you can simply use the residential search button at the top of this page to run a new search.

More About Fitzrovia

West End property expert LDG has specialist knowledge of residential properties for sale in Fitzrovia. Dedicated and experienced, our team can make your search for the perfect 1 bedroom flat smooth and simple from start to finish.

Fitzrovia boasts a wealth of different styles of homes, from new build developments to period conversions. The area has a range of 1 bedroom flats of various sizes, some with added features like roof terraces.

About Fitzrovia

Just a short walk from the hustle and bustle of Oxford Street, Fitzrovia enjoys a quiet charm.  Fitzrovia got its name when writers like Dylan Thomas and George Orwell were regulars at the Fitzroy Tavern in the area.

If you are a foodie, or even just the social type, there is a host of Italian pavement cafes to discover and a very continental vibe can be found on summer evenings. After hours, Fitzrovia can even resume a distinctly bohemian feel.