Rent Collection Service

Our Rent Collection Service is suitable for professional Landlords who wish to keep control of the day to day management but would prefer  the rental collection to be dealt with separately.

This service includes all the benefits and provisions of the “Letting Only Service” with the addition of the following features:

  • Collection of the rent in accordance with the Tenancy Agreement
  • Rental statements sent to the Landlord each time a payment has been made
  • Rent is normally paid into the Landlord’s bank account within 3 business days upon receipt

Prevention of Rent Arrears

According to the latest English Housing Survey (2016-2017), around 9% of tenants in the Private Rented Sector (PRS) are in rent arrears or have experienced rent arrears in the last 12 months. However; we’re proud to report, at LDG, only 1% of our Tenants were in rent arrears during the same period. One of the reasons we avoid rent arrears is due to the fact that we outsource the referencing to one of the best agencies on the market and have very strict internal procedures in place in order to ensure our Landlords get the most suitable tenants.

LDG work closely alongside reputable insurance companies in order to recommend specialist rent guarantees to protect our Landlords’ assets and to ensure the risks and losses are minimised.

Other Benefits

  • By instructing LDG under the “Letting and Rent Collection Service”, the commission fee will not be charged in advance for the full term of the Tenancy, instead it will be payable in instalments equivalent to the rental period as set out in the Tenancy Agreement.

In the unlikely event of rent arrears, LDG will chase the Tenant for 28 business days and if payment is not received, LDG will advise the Landlord throughout the whole legal proceedings