Services for Residential Tenants

Whether you’re looking to rent a one-bedroom crash pad in Soho, university accommodation in Fitzrovia, or a family home in Marylebone, LDG have the expertise you need.

Whether you’re thinking about buying a property or are already searching for your desired house, penthouse, loft, studio, new-build or period flat or apartments, register with LDG today either by giving us a call or dropping into our office in Fitzrovia.

The LDG team can’t be compared to other West End estate agencies. We listen to our tenants, and for us, it’s all about building relationships. We learn your tastes and needs so that we only recommend properties that truly match your criteria. Understanding what motivates you helps us to determine which property types and areas of central London are the right fit.

Once we know your requirements, you’ll receive a selection of properties that match your needs. Our agents can also update you when new properties become available.

For more information about how LDG helps tenants, click here to see our FAQs section.

Our aim is to find you a place to rent––a place you’d be proud to call home, in Fitzrovia, Soho, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury or Marylebone. We hope you’ll remember your LDG experience, so that we can be there for you if you ever need our help again in the future.

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LDG prides ourselves on our progressive, innovative approach and we go the extra mile for our landlords. That’s why we take the time to get to know every detail about your property.

When taking out a tenancy, we ensure that all references are taken, inventories are drawn up and both landlord and tenant are satisfied. In our experience, happy tenants remain in a property longer.

We have a long list of tenants seeking to rent a property in central London, and by keeping lines of communication open, we can satisfy both landlords and tenants.

For our Guide to Tenants, click here.

We take the time to listen and learn what makes you tick. This will determine which areas in central London are the right fit for you. Establishing a clear understanding of your requirements means that you’ll receive a selection of properties that really match your criteria. Our agents can also update you when new properties become available.

LDG has a proud track record of helping landlords find the right tenants. For more information, contact us today.