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Property Sales Guide Fitzrovia, Soho, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury, Marylebone

Getting Organised to Sell: At What Cost?


A buyer’s first impression of your West End property can start them down the road to an offer or lead to a dead end. If your property lacks immediate visual appeal, it’s likely to keep many prospective buyers from ever coming in to look around. Where there are minor cosmetic flaws (such as, peeling paint, cracked plaster, or missing knobs and handles), buyers will presume that your house may also have less visible structural problems.

Yet you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your property more appealing to prospective buyers.  With a little time and a little money you may improve the presentation of your property to maximise the appeal to your buyer.

LDG will help you identify those features that will increase your property’s buyer appeal without costing a fortune.

If your property looks well cared for, buyers’ assume that what they cannot see has also been well maintained.

The less you have to spend in getting your property ready for the market the better. Major improvements (such as a new roof, new cement work or a redesigned kitchen) rarely recoup their cost from a buyer. You are much better off making less expensive, minor cosmetic improvements to your house. These could include simple fixes such as repainting certain rooms, having carpeting or hardwood floors professionally cleaned, or trimming shrubs and edging the lawn.

Money Laundering When Buying a Property in Fitzrovia, Soho, Covent Garden, Bloomsbury, Marylebone


From 1st March 2004 legislation came into force imposing obligations on estate agents to implement internal procedures to money laundering, by confirming the identity of all sellers and purchasers of property.

For Property Sellers: The law requires us to obtain proof of identity on or before the date of signing the confirmation of marketing agreement.

For Property Purchasers: The law requires us to obtain proof of identity on or before the date the purchaser’s offer is accepted by the vendor (seller).

To avoid unnecessary delay in proceeding with a proposed sale or purchase, we would ask that you make the appropriate documents available at the time you instruct us to sell your property and/or submit an offer on a proposed purchase.

In the case of joint ownership/purchase proof of identity for all parties involved in the transaction is required.

  • A current passport or photo-card driving licence.
  • A utility bill, council tax demand or bank statement, showing your current address.

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